For this week’s ATLAS update the Grapeshot team delivers major changes to Sea Forts, providing three different options to buff your fleet! Three new towers – the Atlantean Spire, the Industrial Generator and the Army of the Damned Pylon – are available for construction on the Sea Fort islands, with each providing a different buff for ships on the same server.

Additional bug fixes for PC and Xbox One Pathfinders are listed in ye patch notes HERE:

Need a little speed? The Atlantean Spire gives you a little extra wind in your sails, providing a Buff of Sailing Speed +15%.

Defenses need a boost? Try the Industrial Generator to fortify your fleet providing Buff of Ship Damage Resistance +15%.

The Army of the Damned Pylon will add more firepower to your arsenal providing Buff of Ship Damage Boost +15%.

The towers can be learned by training in Advanced Automation, are built at the Smithy and are powered with coal as fuel. Only one tower can be built per Sea Fort island.

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