ATLAS “The Maelstrom” Map Launches This Friday!

Grapeshot Games announced today that it will launch its new World Map Season 4: The Maelstrom this Friday, July 3 at 8pm PST for both PC and Xbox platforms. A full data wipe of all official servers will be performed at that time. The Maelstrom map is designed to intensify the fun at higher levels and make it a bit safer for lower level Pathfinders! This is just the first step in a greater plan to shift gameplay from the land out on to the open seas driving more interaction between players – both competitive and cooperative!

It was recently announced that the pirate MMO has plans for regular content updates that will bring joy and piracy back to the open seas, with schemes for Trade Winds, Farms, Warehouses, and more! ATLAS is currently on-sale during the Steam Summer Sale for $9.89 (67% off)!

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