Astronaut Tim Peake is going to play Mars Horizon! 👩‍🚀

Astronaut Tim Peake is going to play Mars Horizon! 👩‍🚀

Good news everyone – we’ve rescheduled European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Tim Peake streaming Mars Horizon live with Xbox over on Twitch!

During the stream, as well as playing the game, the Xbox On team and Tim will be trying astronaut ice-cream, astronaut fruit snacks, and doing a giveaway where you can win awesome Mars Horizon prizes including:

Tune into the stream and you could win all of this! 👩‍🚀

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Mars Horizon is up for pre-order right nowWe’re including a 10% launch discount too! Depending on which platform you’d rather have it on, you can pre-order it on Switch here, or Xbox here.
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Join us for another livestream tomorrow! ASA have decided to launch a new branch of their space agency on Friday the 13th. They’re selecting the unluckiest traits for their agency to see what mayhem they can create.

What could go wrong? 😱 Don’t worry, the Jemkin will be there for luck🎃

📆 Friday 13th November
⏰ 4.00pm – 5.00pm GMT

Watch the Livestream 🎃💥
To celebrate the launch we are also running an awesome Mars Horizon giveaway where you can win an epic space bundle.
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About Mars Horizon 🚀
Mars Horizon is a strategy simulation game in which you lead a major space agency as you guide humanity to Mars. Construct a base, design and build rockets, conduct missions throughout the Solar System, and write your own history of space exploration. Created with support from the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency. Check out the announcement trailer to see the game in action.

The full game is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 17th 2020.

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Mars Horizon Demo 🚀
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