Ask For Mercy Season 3: A World of Disquiet Comic Book Review

The apocalypse is here and the adventure is about to begin…maybe I should say adventures?! Ask For Mercy Season 3 comes out with two different adventures from two different years: 2023 and 2020! A story they have created in 2019 for season 3 is very eerie similar on what we are going through right now. The two adventures are titled: A World of Disquiet and Beasts of the North.

In the Beasts of North, you see a man, which resembles an elf, burying someone out in the open. Then a spirit or angel, showed up because she had heard a call from someone. The man starts to talk about where he was from originally and how these monster’s gobbled up their home and their people. The person he has been trying to protect from these monster’s was thrown to Earth and he has been searching for her. The story veers more into why the angel / spirit is there and makes an astonishing announcement at the end.

In World of Disquiet, we see a young girl running away from monsters that are trying to get near her. Then a women with amazing powers destroys those monsters into smithereens. Then something unbelievable happens as one of the monsters talks in a humanly fashion. She wants that women to protect her daughter named Becky, who we seen running away earlier, and keep her away from the monsters. Becky though is in the company of someone else that raises eyebrows of what is really happening out here.

I enjoyed reading the stories and how the writers view of the apocalypse comes into view.  The writer brings a fantasy yet realism vision into the stories. This is something I really enjoy that creative approach the author had brought for the stories. The art, to me, was perfect and gave the pages its own fabled story.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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About the Ask For Mercy Creative Team:

Richard Starkings is the creator/writer of Elephantmen; co-creator/writer of Ask For Mercy and co-creator of The Beef with Tyler Shainline and Shaky Kane. In the course of a distinguished career in comic books, Richard edited for Marvel UK in the 80s and founded the lettering studio Comicraft in the 90s. He has worked as a lettering artist on just about every comic book you might care to mention, including Batman: The Killing Joke, and has written for The Real Ghostbusters, Zoids, Transformers and Doctor Who.


Abigail Jill Harding is a young English illustrator and comic book artist from Yorkshire, whose first professional comics work appeared in Elephantmen #72, written by Richard Starkings whom she met at a signing at Travelling Man in York. Abigail graduated from York College with a BA honours in 3D Art and Design in 2015 but continued to concentrate on her illustration work and did small comic projects. Abigail had been showcasing her mixed-media skills at the yearly Leeds Comics Arts Festival, Thought Bubble and it was the short strip she contributed to the festival’s 2015 print anthology that caught Richard’s eye. Since then she has done cover work for Titan Comics.