Ashes of Creation Highlights Footage From Its First Public Test

Intrepid Studios has just wrapped up a 4-day Alpha One pretest last week for Ashes of Creation! Thousands of Alpha One testers took part in this limited pretest that let them explore 75km2 of the 400km2 world. During the event, players were able to choose from a trio of archetypes and were allowed to check out ten levels of character progression as it currently stands.

During this month’s pretest of Alpha One, developers took 4k footage of some of the new zones that were available for testing and an early level 10 boss fight.

4K Alpha One Preview Boss Fight
The next Alpha One pretest is currently slated for February. Intrepid will be sharing more details about the event as the time nears.

Lastly, keep an eye out for more Ashes of Creation gameplay footage taken during this and future Alpha One pretesting events. Intrepid plans to release new videos ahead of the start of Alpha One in April.

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About Ashes of Creation

Set in a fallen fantasy world untouched by civilization for thousands of years our players will rebuild, repopulate, and rediscover this uncharted realm. Our world is ever-changing with ruins, beasts, and cities that rise and fall. Weaved into a progressive character system where players hold all the power, the fates of creation are yours to command.

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