Ash & Thorn #5 Comic Book Review

Ash & Thorn #5 is focusing on the huge fight between the monster and the champion. You see Lottie questioning if this will work but decides that they have to go fight. Lottie though has a plan that will make you think should why she is doing that?! . Her plan was something I wouldn’t have done but she made that choice! Like she says at the end, they are there to always clean up messes.

I enjoyed reading this comic series! The characters are fun and relatable with their choices throughout the series. I enjoy Lottie questioning everything even though her training. She has a good head on her shoulders as she see’s the bigger picture throughout the series. The story is fantastic and unique as who would have thought older women would be the one’s striving to save the world.

Take a breather, sit down and read this comic from the beginning. You will enjoy it!


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(W) Mariah McCourt

(A) Soo Lee

Cover: Jill Thompson


Season finale! Things are looking bleak for Lottie, the old woman chosen as champion against the dark forces… and for the rest of the world, too. But when the going gets tough, the tough get baking. Never underestimate the power of the perfect pie to save the planet! Plus a selection of extra prose stories and illustrations.


September 9, 2020