Artist of the Month September 2019

This cosplayer has broken barriers and smashed doors down in the past few years. This trendsetting cosplayer has created a new wave of cosplay that is acceptable for all ages, races, and genders. This cosplayer also helps out other cosplayers creating items through 3D printing, worbla and more. He has been one of the few individuals that has helped push the cosplay community into a new era.


Drop The Spotlight is proud to announce their choice for Artist of the Month for September 2019

Sir Nick Justice

Sir Nick Justice is a cosplayer from San Antonio, TX and has been cosplaying for years. He has been featured on the radio, news stations such as KSAT News and has been a cosplay guest for conventions such as Monster Con. He is known not only around Texas but around the nation in the cosplay community.


You can find more information from Sir Nick Justice on his FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM AND WEBSITE