Artist Of The Month September 2018

The craft of creating an image using paint takes a very skillful hand to do. This art of allow the imagination expanding to the canvas using paint is just astonishing. The canvas of the artist is utilized for a windy take on holding the image and letting the naked eye view the creativity through its lenses. This artist showcases an art that not only blends to the naked eye but shakes the public’s attention at conventions.

Ladies and gentlemen, our Artist of the Month for September 2018 is YarnoArts

YarnoArts is a local company that is run by David Soto Jr of San Antonio, TX  and showcases art that engulfs the imagination. David is a fixture at conventions all around Texas from Wizard World in Austin to Corpus Christi Comic Con in Corpus Christi, TX.

David’s art has a unique characteristic that showcases not only the image he creates but how the art is conveyed. You can look at the image and be astonished by how smooth and sleek the art is shown on the canvas. You can see the image and how the character is speaking to you without any words spoken.

When ya’ll have a chance, check out YarnoArts on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and at your local convention in Texas.