Artist Of The Month Oct 2018

The art of music is just a harrowing experience that any fan enjoys when listening. You listen for the strength that music provides to all and to be taken to a different dimension of emotion. This artist not only provides that but the mirror image of her music rolls into a thunder and lightening showcase for the masses.

Angel Cintron photo from her Facebook

Drop The Spotlight would proudly announce our Artist of the Month for October 2018 to be Angel Cintron. Angel Cintron is a San Antonio native with a voice of an angel in Heaven. She has showcased her musical talents through singing, song writing and playing musical instruments. Angel has been working on her music since the age of 8 and through the years she has honed her craft through performances and studying the art of music.

Today, Angel is working on projects to have her music published for not only television shows but for movies as well. Her career is blasting into new heights and will soon become a household name. Be on the look out for Angel and support her on this journey to stardom.