Artist of the Month November 2019

Personality from a person that showcases their craft is something we appreciate. We enjoy seeing the change which someone is able to flip a switch in character. One minute the person is this way and the other minute, the person is a totally different person through their personality. Cosplay has many attributes people must showcase to become their character and one of them is personality. This next person for our Artist of the Month does have that personality and brings that through her cosplays!

For our Artist of the Month November 2019, Drop The Spotlight has chosen cosplayer and internet personality

Its Loomi!

Its Loomi! is a cosplayer from Texas that uses a unique personality getting into a character for her cosplays. She has been a cosplayer for over 10 years. She has done cosplays of Zero 2, Terra from Final Fantasy VI, Tifa and many more. She has been a featured guest in such conventions as Greater Austin Comic Con. She is a regular at Anime Cons showcasing some amazing cosplays that get everyone’s attention.


We are excited to see her character transform into the person she is cosplaying at every event. Be sure to follow Its Loomi! on social media and be sure to find her at many Texas conventions.