Artist Of The Month November 2019

The radio in today’s atmosphere have gain silence with the decline of artists showcasing an art that draws listeners. This artist doesn’t allow the silence to prevail yet draws a mystery with her voice that creates seismic activity.  When the voice of our next artist of the month is heard, you are hypnotized and taken to another world. The world you are in feels like a better place, and you just don’t want to leave. You twist the nob for the sound to be heard louder and clearer. Your next decision to push the repeat button on Soundcloud brings a smile to your face as you enjoy the music and her voice.

Congrats to our Artist of the Month for November 2018 as Gracelynnd!

Fresh off of Mala Luna, Gracelynnd is a San Antonio artist that creates her art through music. She sings many different genres including R&B, Dance, Pop, Bachata and more. She has showcased, with other local singers,  that San Antonio is ripe with fresh talent that are ready to be picked. Gracelynnd is an artist to watch and see where her career can take her in this day in age.