Artist of the Month May 2020

When you work together in a team, you produce some of the biggest successes you can only dream of. You can have a goal of creating an idea but it takes a team to formulate a goal. Each Individual excelled with their dream and when each one came together to perform, they unselfishly gained a living dream.

Drop The Spotlight would like to congratulate Lydell Musiq, Mike Mackey and Jay-Roc Strong as Artists of the Month for May 2020

Each musician embodied the hunger of building an empire of music. Each musician had to dig inside of themselves and learn to create and showcase. The world wasn’t so kind to them but with each struggle, they were able to slowly create a name for their music.

Each musician is from San Antonio, TX and have performed all around the city. They showcase a sound that is unique and parallel to music outside of the city.

Lydell Musiq:

Jay-Roc Strong:

Mike Mackey:

We would like to say Rest in Piece and Condolences for Michael Mackey. He was good musician with a hunger to grow and build. Sadly, he will be missed here.


Check out there music: