Artist of the Month May 2019

When you want to start your dreams, it can start at any age. You can have dreams of what you want to be and how you want to live that lifestyle. You then start to think on how to achieve those goals and how to start out as well. A dream can be that idea you always wanted to live. Well these kids, did just that. They are living their dream from the idea that they have and are finding themselves plenty on stage.

Artist of the Month for May 2019 is The Kid Brothers

The Kid Brothers are young musicians and actors that are living the dream by creating their own path for success. They have been creating music since they were at a young age. The team consists of Sean Andrew Bleu, Eddie Jr,  Nate, Alex, and David. They are from Texas and have been performing all around the state showcasing the band musical abilities.


They do continue to record music and perform to this day. They have shows scheduled around the state of Texas. A few of the members are signed to act on screen for movies and TV shows including Queen of the South TV show. They are paving the way in the industry and showcasing talent that is sought out by all. They are showing everyone that dreams do come true, but they must be willing to create their own path for success.

You can follow them on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and YOUTUBE.