Artist of the Month May 2017

The requests from gamer’s in a musical element is hard to find in today’s world. The music scene in gaming has been muted for many years now as generations are changing hands with the differential controllers of time. The start button is no longer valid as the home button has procured itself as the soft pillow for a gamer. 

This artist has defined the odds and threw the pillow of obscurity to the fan blades of beats with a musical intention to keep music in gaming. This artist has created a genre where the world is catching up while they are trail blazing through the levels of each game.

Drop The Spotlight would like to present this month’s  Artist of the Month for May 2017 to Rockit Gaming.

Rockit Gaming are introducing the world to their unique use of music for gamers. They have taken popular gaming clips and created musical greatness with each song. The songs are different through various game plays that vary from a hip hop song to rock song to dance song. They have solidified their musical creativity through the gaming ideals of what makes them unique.


Check out more from Rockit Gaming when they are live Every Wednesday night on Youtube and even win free prizes. Follow them on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, DISCORD, TWITCH and get their music on ITUNES AND SPOTIFY. Bring them to your TOWN NOW!