Artist of the Month March 2018


When creativity is looking outwards to the sky, the limits are nonexistent with this person. This person exhibits the stare that showcases millions of stars on the ledge of a mountain. She has been on countless events and cons where her name is echoed throughout out the Dallas con area.


Photo by Shane Cappelle

Ladies and Gentlemen, our Artist of the Month for March 2018 is Corcid Cosplay. Corcid Cosplay has been a cosplayer for over 4 years and has witnessed the scene grow larger and larger in the Dallas area. She has matched her creativity with her work ethic as she tries and achieve every cosplay goal she has going for her brand.


Photo by  Wallgazer photography

She has done numerous tutorials, photoshoots, and cosplay’s ; where you want to believe the number amount of her wardrobe of cosplays would be housed in the Sears Tower. She has numerous of ideas where she has done that will have you amazed and wondering how she has created it. We are proud of her taking cosplay to another level and paving the way for future cosplayers to achieve their goals and be proud of their creations. We love to reward hard work and Corcid has matched her work ethic with her creativity. OUTSTANDING!


Photo by Ros Alainn Photography

Check out more information from Corcid Cosplay on her FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, PATREON, and TWITTER.