Artist of the Month June 2018

The scenes from the film illustrate the room filled with individuals in awe of the captured pieces of art. Some people in the background exclaim that they have been showcased in the film. The others exclaimed they have been in similar pieces from previous works of art from this film maker.

This videographer has captured memories at major conventions for years now and today we highlight his work with this achievement. Drop The Spotlight would love to announce their Artist of the Month for June 2018 to be Kevin the Director.

Kevin has been going to conventions for years and showcasing the talents that cosplayers do at conventions. Many of them work hard on their cosplay but many people don’t realize the time and effort that is taken. Kevin The Director highlights this through his cosplay videos and brings their cosplay work to life. His videos narrate the cosplay through a slow montage of movements and cool pace music. Kevin’s videos are a work of art and very appreciated in not only in the cosplay community, but film making in general.


Follow Kevin The Director on his journey of highlightening the best in cosplay and film through his eyes. Follow him on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM,and YOUTUBE.