Artist of the Month July 2020

When you think of a cosplay, you imagine that character jumping out of the comic book in real life. Many individuals focus that creativity through specific lenses in order for that character to be fined tuned. An individual can put hours upon hours to get those specific parts correct on a cosplay. This individual defines perfection through her hard work to bring that creativity to life. She holds the key for creativity with her imagination that is researched for cosplays.

Drop The Spotlight’s Artist of the Month for July 2020 is Maddie Mason Cosplay

Photo @warriorposephotography

Maddie Mason Cosplay is a cosplayer from Texas that showcases her creativity through her social media posts. She is a huge comic and anime fan that loves to learn and explore know more of the cultures. She owns over 500 manga books which she reads and engulfs the images to  her curiosity for future cosplay builds. She enjoys cosplaying different characters including D.Va, Velma, and more! She is a pillar in the cosplay and model community with her characters as she puts all her love and effort to bring these creations to life.


@artsclusivity • Paint by #shallybrady

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