Artist of the Month July 2018

The building blocks of creating a character are immense and features a cliff filled obstacles to obtain the correct sequence for the blocks. There isn’t no manual out there to build that character into a beauty such as a hill country countryside. Well this actor sure did achieve this goal and has used his lighthouse far baring light to showcase his  characters he portrays on television and film.

Ladies and gentleman, we proudly like to introduce our Artist of the Month for July 2018 to be JT Campos.

Joseph T Campos is an American actor from Austin, TX that has been on movies and television since the early 2000’s. He has been part of such movies such as The Alamo, Machete, Man of the House, Sin City and many more. He started off as a stunt man on many films and television shows. He was also acting in small roles while doing stunts but then he started to shine more in front of the camera.

Currently, JT is one of the stars of the hit show on the USA Network called Queen of the South. He plays the character Boaz Jimenez where showcases his powerful display of emotion and realism. He becomes enthralled through his character and makes his character into a larger than life status.

Be sure to check out JT’s social media pages to follow along through his career on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and IMBD.