Artist of The Month – July 2016

As a fan of comic conventions and being able to see the hard work of artists showing off their craft. I thoroughly enjoy talking these artists and just see how creative they can be with just a ring of an expression shown through the view of my lenses. This artist I have seen at a couple of cons and the power of his art is extraordinary.

The art he posses creates a figment of imagination to grow and grow through a fan’s eye and the expressions of people just walking by to see that creativity is just awesome.

For the month of July 2016, Drop The Spotlight has picked Jim Ferguson as Artist of the Month.


A little about Jim Ferguson is that he used to work for NASA in Houston, TX as a video engineer. He has seen the power of space through his lenses and has brought  cool new ideas to NASA. He started to draw celebrities and then get their autographs on his art. Then celebrities and even comic convention fans started to notice his art work and just wanted to own more and more of his art. This cool hobby has turned into a full time job for him as he now sells his art at conventions and online as well.

The new sensation today is his art and if you want to own some of his art CLICK HERE to check out his store and purchase some from him. Be checking his FACEBOOK PAGE to keep in touch on which comic convention he will be at and maybe get a cool personalized painting or art from him.