Artist of the Month January 2020

This next artist is a favorite of Drop The Spotlight and we enjoy his past few albums. We are big Smash fans and this musician has given fans a realm of luxury though his music. He performs all around San Antonio and musicians such as Mega Ran and DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N. personally reach out to him for performances. This musician strives off being the target of Nerdcore music and elevates it through his artistic sound, words and hard work.

Our Artist of the Month for January 2020 is Gross Angel


Gross Angel is a nerd core musician from San Antonio, TX. Gross Angel musical aspects range from nerd core, rap, to rock. He has showcase to his fans many aspects of musical prowess such as the variety instruments he uses, the whopping of neighborly musical showcases and the flames from the words he spits. Gross Angel is a very good person to be around during shows and has stories that will have you chuckling as a friend that you felt you have known for many years.


Gross Angel has showcased his music around the United States by performing at various places such as Mag Fest, Classic Game Fest, and PAX. There are times he has done double duty and performed bass for various musicians out there. Gross Angel is engulfed in many aspects of music and showcases to the fans his variety side of tunes through his music.

Check out Gross Angel on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Youtube and Band Camp