Artist of the Month Jan 2019

As a fan of music, I was introduced to this musician by his verse he did on the hit song South Side Still Holding. There wasĀ  an array of musicians making their verse count on the track but this musician just got my attention. This musician not only blew me away but had myself scroll the internet finding more of his music. I was astonished of what I found and couldn’t believe the fun and entertaining this musician has been creating.

For the new year of 2019, Drop The Spotlight would like to announce our Artist of the Month for January 2019 to be Trilly Polk.

Trilly Polk is a Houston based rapper that could have fooled me as an R&B singer. He is originally from Port Arthur, Texas and showcases his personality through his music. He is the bow tie wearing musical tyrant with hits such as We Ain’t Stopping, Get To The Money, and Actin Bad on Em. I call him tyrant because of his lyrical stories on each song just hook on me and I just can’t listen to anything else with my headphones on. The music Trilly Polk is bringing to the masses is not only refreshing but showcases a new atmosphere for artists.

Check out Trilly Polk on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Youtube