Artist Of The Month For June 2017

Drop The Spotlight would love to announce their Artist Of The Month for June 2017 as Brittany Chaos!


The noise of a pounding hammer thuds in the background as sparks from a blade is filling the dark sky. This individual is hard at work creating visions from her  imagination  into a reality for all to see.  The true craft of cosplay is an underrated art as well as it is exhausting.  When this person unleashes an idea, they accept an imaginative campaign, sacrifice hours of personal time, and many cases sleep to share their creations with the world.  

ACCC 2017 Brittany Chaos with Miss Mad Love

Brittany Chaos is a cosplayer from Texas that enjoys attending cons and events.  She brings a refreshing new style of  that shines well with established greats of cosplay . Her recent performance at Alamo City Comic Con has brought a brighter spotlight to her career.  She had a strong showing at ACCC with her Hawk Girl creation.  Crafting Hawk Girl’s wings alone can be very ambitious task.  Not only did she create a beautiful set of wings for hawk Girl.  Brittany Chaos crafted herself to the next level by giving her wings the ability to open and close.  She was definitely a crowd favorite  at ACCC 2017



She enjoys reading comics, playing video games, watching movies and anything nerdy.  A fulfilling part of Cosplay for her is having the opportunity to take photographs with the fans.  She has been part of epic shoots with other cosplayers in Texas that have set a new standard for cosplaying.

Photocredit to AlleyCat Cosplay


As a cosplayer, she loves to put her own spin on the characters she portrays for the fans.  The featured photo is a crowd favorite.  Another fan favorite is her refreshing   “Chola” style Cosplay brought  to a popular Harley Quinn character.  She did this  by turning  concept art into into a reality.

Brittany Chaos has brought and continues to showcase her style to fans with her cosplays.  She has developed her own creative touch from her work by pushing her artistic skills every cosplay.  Be sure to snap photo with her whenever you see her at your a major con or event.



Follow Brittany Chaos on social media and support her artistic creations through FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and COSMUNITY.



Brittany Chaos

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