Artist of the Month February 2018

When an individual strives forward in life, they come across many roads to the future. They are given signs that point the way to their individual success in life. This certain person is way different!!! This person just got a compass and looked to the sky to direct her on her path. Her path is uncharted and different than most. This person did things her own way with the strength from her family and friends, she took a jogging approach on her own road.Drop The Spotlight proudly announces their Artist of the Month for February 2018 is actress Ammie Leonards.

Ammie is an actress that has been in movies and TV shows which include: The Vampire Diaries, Queen of the South, Nashville, Dallas, American Crime, and her latest hit Thunder Road. Ammie has been acting since 2013 and has carved a path to her own success in her art.

Ammie has taken her character and roles to a new level with her powerful charisma and a battalion full of focus she displays. Ammie loves to give back to communities providing help to young actors and actress through events such as cosplay workshops and autograph signings. Ammie enjoys meeting and talking to her fans wherever she goes and there is always an cool Ammie story out there from her fans.

Ammie has kept climbing the ladder of success with her hard work and determination. She has excelled with her art of acting through her various and diverse roles. We like to thank Ammie for her help to people letting them know if they can dream it, they can live it.

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  1. Beautiful and talented. I’ve known her since her acting days in the Air Force watching her do skits!!!

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