Artist of the Month Feb 2019

The creativity of a person is extended through the ideas they put forth to the world. There is an endless supply of creativity a person can showcase with just one idea. This next person, showcases that amount of creativity through her one idea that she puts the effort into making a reality. She pushes the boundaries on how looking outside of the box can be very successful in a modern day for cosplaying and building.

Drop The Spotlight would like to announce their Artist of the Month for February 2019 to be Miss Madison Cosplay!

Miss Madison Cosplay is a cosplayer from San Antonio that enjoys cosplaying and building some pretty cool props. She attends conventions in the area and outside of Texas with her numerous of friends that are in the cosplay community. She has a Twitch channel where in every episode she is working on creating a different part of her cosplay.


Her Twitch streams are pretty cool as they ascend into the makings and tutorials of building one’s cosplay. She will build cosplay props or even parts of her own cosplay in front of a audience from Twitch. She does an amazing job and very innovative with her ideas. She is also a gamer and is a huge World of Warcraft fan. We enjoy watching her streams and learning more about cosplay through her designs.


You can follow Miss Madison Cosplay now on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, AND TWITCH