Artist of the Month December 2018

When you attend a comic con, you meet so many people out there. You will meet people that are just like you in the sense where they enjoy the same geek things and of course make friends through them. This cosplayer we have met several times that not only travels to conventions but is booked as a promotional cosplayer. Her cosplays are unique, different and to the point. When you meet her, she is that person you can relate to, talk to, and enjoy being around because of her ideals of her geek things and friendliness.

Our Artist of the Month for December 2018 is Kamon Tari


Kamon Tari is a cosplayer from New Mexico that travels around the country as a promotional cosplayer. She has been a promotional cosplayer at conventions such as Megacon, Fan Expo Dallas, Wizard World and countless more! She has worked with many artists, vendors, businesses and of course granted us an interview at Fan Expo Dallas 2018. She has showcased her hard working craft through her travels and defined her talent on social media through her various cosplays. She takes a cosplay design and shakes it up through her imagination and provides an outlet for fans to check  it out and be in awe. She is also a gamer and plays games with Twitch while interacting with her fans at the same time. She also has a store which sells her prints, arts and crafts, and much more. Kamon is an amazing person and we are proud to announcer her as Artist of the Month for December 2018.


photography by SGNS Entertainment

Support Kamon on PATREON and check out her social media pages FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITCH


Drop The Spotlight’s Vic with cosplayer Kamon Tari