Artist Of The Month August 2018

When you heard hard working actor, majority of times that word is thrown around conversations. Many people don’t realize the hard work is needed to build a resume and career in something many feel is easy to do. The brand this individual has built has surpassed the people who have doubted him and smashed barriers that have been in his way. This individual has not only surpassed his goals but has helped the people around him to rise and gain success with him.

We would like to announce our Artist Of The Month for August 2018 as Joe Lozano

Joe is a Texas ACTOR and DIRECTOR who has appeared in over thirty movies, tv shows and commercials. He has worked with many talented actors in different film projects such as JT Campos, Drew Law, Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, and many more. Joe will be making his directorial debut in the movie he is shooting called Unforgivable Sins. He has striven to create more opportunities for actors and actresses in Austin, TX area and helped built a successful brand. Joe helps his fellow actors and actresses with not only building skills in the art of the movie industry but also giving them a chance to live a dream.  Joe is a mainstay at many conventions and loves to meet fans and talk to them about acting and the movies he has been in.  Many fans enjoy talking to Joe and learning about the movies he was part of but the stories that come along with them.


Find Joe Lozano Here: FB, INSTAGRAM, IMDb, TWITTER, and continue to watch what he is creating within the movie industry.