Artist of the Month April 2020

Music is a timeless art that gives the artist a platform to lyrically bring a voice to the masses. The words in the lyrics bypass the closed door of modern science to focus on a new undiscovered truth. The truth is being written in those books and then hidden to the masses while behind that door. This musician not only picked the locked of the closed door, but took that book and tore the pages out. Those pages are sung through her microphone and recorded for the masses to listen and digress. The voice is given a tone to educate the masses through her music.


Drop The Spotlight is proud to announce our Artist of the Month for April 2020- Mollie Blanco


Mollie Blanco is a hip hop musician from South Texas and performer in Texas. She has toured all over Texas and brought her music to the many stages. She is known by many as a major performer on the coast during spring break weekends. Her music tells stories of the South and how she sees the daily dose of life being thrown out there.

You can find Mollie Blanco on FB, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM