Artist of the Month April 2019

The imagination of a child’s grows brighter with each word read from books. A book can take you on a journey that you thought was not possible. The possibility of being given a power that many don’t have these days is astounding. The power of imagination through books is a cherished relic that we all enjoy! One author is continuing bringing imagination to children and adults of all ages. This author latest book is published by Disney Books and is quite exciting to read.


Drop The Spotlight would like to announce our Artist of the Month for April 2019 is author Mari Mancusi

Mari is a children’s book author that has wrote over two dozen books for kids, teens, and adults. She is a former Emmy award winner as a TV producer and of course she is a MMORPG gamer! She is a huge fan of World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy Series.

The books Mari has written are Gamer Girl, The Blood Coven Vampires and of course her latest one is The Camelot Code:  The Once and Future Geek.

Mari has not only been influential for fans that enjoy books but she continues the encouragement of reading. Her stories that she has written continue to bring imagination back into children’s and teen’s lives with her stories. We enjoy what she is doing and will continue to see what is next with her.


Follow Mari on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, and INSTAGRAM for any updates and news! You can buy The Camelot Code on Amazon HERE