Artist of the Month December 2016

We end the year with an explosive musical performer that is hitting all the major cities in Texas. This musician brings out the talents of Texas for shows and brings the house down for every show. This artist is known for his musical tastes and his no limit tongue as he tells it how is with his words and music. 

For the month of December 2016, your Artist of the Month is Sirdoughboi.


Sirdoughboi is an entrepreneur that bring his music and the city together to bring an storm of falling money to the hands of musicians of the community.

Sirdoughboi is a hip hop artist that performs in Houston and San Antonio. He is a fixture at many shows around those cities and his music is  script that is falling to the hands of every person that has a ear to listen to. Sirdoughboi is bringing back music to San Antonio and Houston with his shows and excites the masses with his artistic ventures.

Get to your local hip hop show and see the musical legacy Sirdoughboi when you have a chance!


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