ARTIFICIAL – Season 3 Week 17 “Create a Character”

Join showrunner Bernie Su and his writing team
to create a new audience generated character
for the final two story episodes of the season!

Streaming LIVE on Thursday, September 17 at
5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST only on Twitch

WHAT – Season 3 Week 17 // “Create a Character”
A mysterious man is joining Sebastian’s (Stephen Chang) team… tune in LIVE to decide who he is? Join showrunner Bernie Su, co-creator Evan Mandery, and the Artificial writing team in the last Worldbuilding episode of the season! Who will you create in anticipation of the season finale on October 1?

Thursday, September 17 at 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST



Artificial is a Primetime Emmy and Peabody Award-winning series, the first of its kind, utilizing the Twitch audience to interact directly with the show’s characters and not only transform the story, but actively participate in it through live Q&As, polls, scene creation, character development, and more. Season 3 is also produced entirely remote, with cast and crew calling in to bring the show to life.

This new season also introduces the ability to transform the tone of the show in profound ways through LifeScore, an AI-augmented adaptive platform, co-founded by composer Philip Sheppard (Detroit: Become Human) and Tom Gruber (CTO and head of design for Siri), which allows the audience to change the mood and intensity of the live music in real-time simply by talking and using emotes in the Twitch chat.

This is NOT a choose-your-own-adventure nor is it consumed individually – it is a consequential experience shared by the audience as a collective who actively participate together. Everyone watching takes part in the story and has the opportunity to profoundly influence it by asking questions and voting on polls. Since the audience can chat live to each other on Twitch, this also means they share the experience with each other. The audience is a community.

Season 3 of Artificial will take the most decorated interactive series of 2019 one more huge step forward, presenting a new level of interactive innovation that could ONLY be done on Twitch.

Season 3 of Artificial picks up in the wake of the Twitch audience choosing to deactivate the artificially intelligent being known as SV2 aka Sophie (Tiffany Chu) after she became homicidal. The ever calculating Sebastian (Stephen Chang) and his undisclosed organization seek to start anew by utilizing the technology that Dr. Matt Lin (Tohoru Masamune) first used to build Sophie.

After installing a blank slate consciousness into Sophie’s old shell, SV3 aka Lilith (Tiffany Chu) is activated and quarantined to a single home, ruling that zero human physical interaction would be allowed in order to avoid any past mistakes. Sebastian then hires Elle (Christy St. John), a wildly idealistic and brilliant cognitive science graduate student, to lead the development of the isolated SV3 to become human in front of a live Twitch audience.

Through this journey, the AI will form relationships with the guilt-ridden ex-podcast host Justin (Justin Lee), the chaotic psychiatrist Dr. Ruby Thatcher (Jennifer Field), the romantic boyfriend Asher (Devon Werkheiser), and many new characters created by the audience themselves in special Worldbuilding episodes that occur every 3rd week of the season. These new audience created characters include the sly and spiritual Zander Cruz (Dante Basco) and the private investigator Kira (Alejandra Reynoso).