Artemis Burr New Single Titled The Lion’s Heart is out now!

Artemis Burr new single is titled The Lion’s Heart and is out now! Artemis brings you a song that is filled with folklore yet screams fables. The Lion’s Heart themed song makes you feel that this could be the focus for the next shrek movie you all have been craving. I’m enjoying how raw Artemis is showcasing his voice in the song as it feels like he is telling a story for all to hear. The lyrics just tells of a empowering yourself while not believing what lies and deceptions of the world today. I am enjoying this song as I feel its on to something and that something is rising to the top!

listen here:

press release:

Passionate about vulnerability, connection, and mental health advocacy, fans often say Burr reminds them of Coldplay in musicality as well as vocals.


His mission with this track is to “empower listeners and give them the feeling that they are the main character of the story… [it takes] listeners on a journey of self-love.”