ARMA G1 premiering at CES2021

ARMA Instruments is an exhibitor at CES2021. We are premiering the ARMA G1 Secure Communicator, a futuristic Top Secret security level mobile device. You can find more media and information on our CES platform and below. If any questions, feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or visit our CES2021 booth:


Smartphones and other communications platforms have become black-box technology due to their ever-increasing complexity and they absolutely lack the resilience against the attacks of advanced adversaries.

ARMA Instruments developed the total opposite of a smartphone, with a very high focus on transparency, and absolute security and control for over the air transmission of your intellectual legacy. The ARMA G1 Secure Communicator is a high-tech, 2-way pager, for mobile communications over (unsafe) public cellular networks, anywhere in the world.

Value proposition for the ARMA G1

  • Developed for TOP SECRET level security
    ARMA G1 is the only commercially available mobile device that protects critical communications against advanced adversaries.
  • No infrastructure
    The ARMA G1 communications system relies on the Tor network, which is public infrastructure. Therefore, the purchase and maintenance of infrastructure are not needed.
  • Seamless integration
    Setting up a closed secure communications network based on the ARMA G1 requires no significant actions. Users activate the device and are able to add their contacts through our rendezvous protocol. ARMA can provide its clients with additional custom services.

Competitive Situation
Competitors are either technically incapable to compete, or they have different political agendas that conflict with secure communications. Apart from a technical approach, trust, transparency, and neutrality are key to our business.

None of the below mentioned key features are offered by any competitor solution or in any comparable form.

  • Minimal attack surface
    Our device is dedicated to the most rudimentary form of mobile communication, which is text messaging. The ARMA G1 Secure Communicator, therefore, has the smallest possible attack surface. Less sensors, hardware and no further software applications means better security.
  • Dynamic Identity
    Our patented Dynamic Identity technology is the only solution that can continuously change the unique identity of a mobile device, both on a device as well as on a network level. It has two US patents granted under US patent number 10,827,347 and 10,567,951
  • Serverless infrastructure
    Through embedded Tor functionality, the ARMA G1’s data traffic does not rely on traditional server infrastructure. This prevents us or others from monitoring customer data or data routing. Data that is not collected cannot be compromised or attacked.
  • Control System for Transparency
    ARMA’s governance system provides confidence and assurance that all components in the ARMA G1 do not contain any side channels exploitable by a known or unknown third party. Additionally, our security certifications will be based on a multi-party trust model with dependencies on the whole production cycle, comparable to international observers safeguarding democratic elections. The governance process and findings are always available to a single user.

For more info please download the ARMA G1 product brochure or the Technology Whitepaper here.