ARISEN: Chronicles of Var’Nagal – 50% pledged on Kickstarter



Maratus is an indie video game development studio based in Belgium. They want players to have fun, to connect with characters and to explore themselves while they’re exploring Var’Nagal. They think everyone deserves to be represented and aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. Kindness, originality and quality are our most important values.


In the beginning

Maratus started unofficially in February 2019, after a gamedev training when Anais, Elene, Sylvain and Wendy first met. They worked on a few projects and gamejams to test their teamwork, and decided they wanted to create games together. As Anais is a writer, the team chose to create their first game in her universe: Var’Nagal. In summer 2019, Maratus shared a prototype with the public of the Japan Expo and Gamescom. Thanks to the validation of a public fund called Wallimage Entreprise, in december 2019 the team was able to create a company.


On April 14th 2020, Maratus SRL was officially founded. While dealing with the COVID crisis, the team has continued work from home, and the abstract for ARISEN was released for free on Steam on July 18th 2020. A Kickstarter campaign will be launched before the end of the year 2020.