Archive 81 Netflix Review

Melody Pendras is a name that echoes throughout time. The echoes grow louder and louder as you try to concentrate. Archive 81 is a new show on Netflix that garners your absolute attention. You watch in wonder on what had happened to Melody Pendras and uncover the details of what really happened in that apartment fire. Dan goes through each tape to restore and find out what happened to her and experience the things she may have as well.

I was able to watch this show in one day on Netflix as it was about an hour an episode. There is a total of 8 episodes for the first season and was shocked on how damn good this show is!


  • Story
    • The show starts off with Dan restoring videos for clients of the museum. He digitizes the videos so the museum can have a better copy as well as keep for the future. His craft is so good that he attracts this man named Virgil Davenport who wants these burned up videos restored. Once Dan accepts and starts to restore, he learns about a person named Melody Pendras that is among the missing in a fire in 1994. No bodies recovered, he unravels a frightening history of cult, sacrifice and much more.
  • Horror Podcast Adaptation
    • I have read that this show used to be a horror podcast that was adapted into this show! I need to find that podcast pronto cause their story they created is mind bending.
  • The Lore
    • Each episode explored a bit of the lore of the show from the 1920s to the 1990s. You were attached to the TV hard learning more about the VOS House, the sacrifices and much more. The lore created such an addicting part of the show that you just wanted to google just in case its not real.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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