Apple TV + The Servant Season 1 Review

Television shows today have a hard time finding an original story that will capture your mind and soul to be dedicated to wait a week, month or year for new episodes. A few shows today can say that their fans will wait that long in order to capture a new episode. This new show that we have checked out has brought mystery and thriller back into the forefront. M. Night Shyamalan has a new show on Apple TV Plus that will have the world picking their jaws back into their mouths. The suspense of each episodes gives you an opening of which story is true or what you imagined that will radiates your imagination into a new length of discovery. We didn’t want to spoil much in this review, but we had to talk about a few things from the show. I fully say, take the time and watch Season 1, this show will rock your world!

Here is our review:


  • Story:
    • I have to admit, when I first read the summary of the show, I would have thought a story like this would be very cliché than deviant. After 5 minutes of the first episode, I was wrong! Your taken into a spiral of a journey through story that will make you want to put your head under the covers. You meet the Turners who are seeking a sitter for their young baby Jericho. Then you meet the nanny Leanne who gives you the vibe of someone that may strangle you with her mind. What you thought would happen didn’t at all once you explored the rest of the first season!
  • Characters:
    • I felt the characters were unique in a way that they could have been my neighbors or yours! You cheered for their success but digged in deep for their flaws. I enjoyed Dorothy’s character as her breakdown kept her strong even in later episodes where she needed to be the leader. Leanne starts to discover more of herself in the later episodes but also learned more of the “perfect couple” the Turners true intentions. Sean gave you the idea that he was the strong one in the story, but you can tell he relied a lot on his wife Dorothy for her passion.
  • Mystery:
    • Each episode in Season 1 provided an essence in mystery that didn’t rely on the old attitude of “open the door and shock you”. The mystery shown in Servant was more of a page turning comic book as you are rattled on what could happen next. Your imagination is put into over drive as you imagine what could happen next; But when it does, it is better than what you had originally imagined.
  • Episode Length:
    • I have to admit, the length of episodes was perfect for the show. I felt it got the story across and built the characters foundation with ease instead of feeling rushed or even slowed down. The episodes were about 30 minutes in average range of length.


  • None

Rating: 10 out 10

Servant is a show that takes an idea that you see today in TV shows that is suppose to be in a comedy story but adds a good dose of thriller and mystery element. I was skeptical on checking out the show but after the first 5 minutes of the show, I was hooked HARD! The story, characters, mystery, and length of episodes made it easy to enjoy this show. Your expectation of the show is thrown out of the window as it explodes with mystery and thriller sequences in each episode. Your imagination will go into overdrive as you are wondering what will happen next in the story. Take that step and check this show out! You will not be disappointed!

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