Apex Comics Group, Liquid Avatar Technologies and Oasis Digital Studios Exhibits at Los Angeles Comic Con

Top Industry Pros, Exclusive Art, Cosplay Contests and Free Programs and Offers

BOOTH 1241

Exclusive comic-book premieres, creator signings, original hand-drawn sketch covers, and collectible action figures and merch.

Plus: Augmented Reality digital scavenger hunt; FREE Metaverse
Virtual Land; Dragon and Dinosaur digital eggs; celebrity appearances; 
Main Stage panels and much more

Los Angeles, CA – December 3, 2021 – Apex Comics Group, a creator-owned independent comic- book publishing company, is exhibiting jointly with Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. (CSE: LQID), the Digital Innovation Partner at Los Angeles Comic Con (LACC), and Oasis Digital Studios Limited in more than 1,500 square feet of booth space (Booth #1241). With Apex Comics Group, they are proud to announce three LACC-exclusive new comic-book projects, including variant covers and merchandise:


At last! A superhero for anyone who sincerely loves superheroes. A teenage video-gamer joins a digital daredevil for truth, justice and a universe of hoo-ha action and angst. While working on the R.I.G.H.T. Project — an attempt to develop a new technology allowing computer constructs to assume physical mass — Doctor Dex Click stumbles upon the new champ of split-second adventure. But Mr. R.I.G.H.T. is little more than a soulless animatronic until he bonds with Jeffrey “Player One” Lopez. Since Jeffrey is a true believer, he helps transform a heartless avatar into a compassionate and relentless hero — the true hero who lives within us all! A comic book in the mode of creators Tom DeFalco & Ron Frenz’s Spider-Girl, Spider-Man, Thor, Thunderstrike and A-Next!

Writer: Tom DeFalco

Penciler: Ron Frenz

Inker: Sal Buscema


They have come together to keep us from falling apart! From the farthest reaches of interdimensional space come diverse and heroic aliens, representing the best of the best their planets have to offer. Together they form an intergalactic peacekeeping team designed to ensure the safety of Earth and the entire galaxy!

Writer: Fabian Nicieza

Artist: Chris Batista

Variant covers: Ariel Olivetti, Gordon Purcell, John Hebert, and Mel Birnkrant & Tamara Kiteley


Phazer’s quest to return home brings with it his greatest enemies — and it takes a new hero, Super Liquid Avatar, to help him save the world! Action, Adventure, Dinosaurs, Aliens, Super Science, Androids, Time Travel… this one’s got it all! From the mind of award-winning writer, illustrator and executive producer Mariano Nicieza comes a sci-fi action-adventure opus for comic-book lovers everywhere!

Writers: Mariano Nicieza & David Lucatch

Artist: Matt Gaudio

Variant covers: Darick Robertson, Ron Frenz & Brett Breeding, Fred Hayes & Johnny Greene, John Hebert, Tom Tonkin and Mariano Nicieza & Matt Gaudio

Special guest members of each comic-book project are available for the entire run of the show to meet fans, sign autographs and sketch covers. The team includes Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Chris Batista, Fred Haynes, John Hebert, Gary Schaeffer, David Lucatch, and Apex Comics editor-in-chief Frank Lovece, art director Wilson Ramos Jr. and publisher Mariano Nicieza.

All weekend, attendees can participate in two free interactive exhibits: an 8′ wide by 6′ high drawing wall with daily art by the pros and any fan who wants to join in on the fun, with random prizes awarded, plus an Instagram-ready gallery for your photos with 6′ high standees of the comic-book characters. Cosplayers and other fans are invited to join in the fun and compete for prizes. Five will be awarded daily to all participants in both drawing and Cosplay categories.

Additionally, Apex Comics Group invites everyone to a Main Stage presentation Sunday at 11 a.m. with a full roster of creators representing each comic-book project. The panel includes Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Chris Batista, Fred Haynes, John Hebert, Gary Schaeffer, David Lucatch, and Apex Comics art director Wilson Ramos Jr., and is moderated by publisher Mariano Nicieza.

Attendees have the opportunity to receive great prizes and booth offers directly at the show. For those unable to attend, key offers will be made available online directly to our mailing-list subscribers.

“This show and the launch of these amazing comic books is a dream come true. The entire team is very proud to have LACC as our showcase partner for our groundbreaking projects,” said Mariano Nicieza, president and publisher of Apex Comics Group. “We are truly at the apex of a new era in comic book and graphic novel publishing.”

  • Liquid Avatar Technologies

LACC participants can download the Oasis Digital AR App to participate in the Official Los Angeles Comic Con Scavenger Hunt, powered by Liquid Avatar Technologies, the official Digital Innovation Partner of Los Angeles Comic Con.

At the event, just scan the QR code available at locations around the show floor to download the app! Once downloaded, register your name with Twitter or Facebook, click “Scavenger Hunt” and start playing! Follow the hints and scan the signs located in 15+ areas around the show floor. Each sign reveals a different and fun AR experience!

When participants have completed the hunt, they can visit Liquid Avatar Booth #1241 to get awesome prizing, including comic art, Liquid Avatars and Virtual Land in the Aftermath Islands metaverse.

Attendees and online subscribers will receive a FREE Avatar from the Liquid Avatar Marketplace.

  • Oasis Digital Studios

Oasis Digital Studios is featuring key clients showcasing NFTs, Virtual Land and other exclusive items from Aftermath Islands, Meta Hero Project, The Outer Space Men, Phazer Universe, Super Liquid Avatar, The R.I.G.H.T. Project and others.

Aftermath Islands

Aftermath Islands is a planned metaverse providing online users with theme-based, first-person Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, quests, games and integrated ecommerce activities, creating a virtual world supported by users and brands.  Currently, Virtual Land is available for purchase on themed community and estate islands. Additional assets such as thematic dwellings designed for each island, community and estate are under development along with other interactive items that will ultimately be available for sale as NFTs.  All NFTs can be resold at the discretion of the holder, using third-party, non-affiliated marketplaces and private sale programs.

At LACC, Aftermath Islands is offering FREE Virtual Land to all participants that complete the Official Scavenger Hunt, plus exclusive Dragon and Dinosaur Eggs with every Dragon Alley and DinoRoar Alley Virtual Land purchase, and other special offers.

  • Apex Comics Group

Led by Mariano Nicieza and a group of amazing industry veterans, Apex Comics Group will showcase exclusive comic books featuring the PHAZER Universe, The R.I.G.H.T Project, The Outer Space Men and the introduction of Super Liquid Avatar.

Apex is offering attendees and online subscribers a series of great premiums including FREE screensavers and exclusive comic-book editions and creator signings.

Meta Hero ProjectTM

The Meta Hero ProjectTM is a3D Meta Avatar platform allowing users to fully customize and personalize their avatar with their life-like body type and photorealistic face, together with unique skills and powers from a range of classes, giving them the ability to integrate with digital identity and be part of new and emerging online games and metaverse activities.

The Meta Hero ProjectTM  combines gameplay, interactive engagement and socialization seamlessly through fully controllable, high-quality, personalized 3D avatars.

Receive 25% off any Meta Hero ProjectTM Kit.

Jim Steranko – Meta Weapons

From the creative genius that can only be the legendary Jim Steranko comes a new series of innovative and exclusive metaverse weapons, available only through the Meta Hero ProjectTM and Oasis and Aftermath Islands Metaverse.

Get a FREE Steranko Meta Weapon with every Meta Hero ProjectTM Kit.

Exclusive LACC Panel Events

Liquid Avatar Technologies: Digital Identity, Avatars & More – 10:00 am Pacific Time – Saturday, December 4, 2021 – Room 406AB

All Things Metaverse – Main Stage – 10:30 am Pacific Time – Sunday, December 5, 2021

Apex Comics Group – Main Stage – 11:00 am Pacific Time – Sunday, December 5, 2021

Additional Booth Events:

  • The Boys of Summer: The Cast of The Sandlot – Signing

Members of the cast will be on hand throughout the weekend at Liquid Avatar’s Booth #1241. The entire cast will be for exclusive signings after their panel appearance.

  • Multi-Grammy and Emmy Award Winner Malik Yusef

Known for his work on the Power Rangers soundtrack and for Marvel, Malik will be at Liquid Avatar’s Booth #1241 all weekend signing autographs.

In addition to exclusive offers for Scavenger Hunt completion, Liquid Avatar in association with Apex Comics Group has special offers for those visiting Booth #1241 or joining our mailing list:

Buy any Virtual Land on Dragon Alley and receive a FREE Meta Hero Project Limited Edition Dragon Egg!
Maximum Value $65

Visit aftermathislands.com to purchase land on Dragon Alley. Purchase can be combined with discount Promo Codes. Egg does not deliver with purchase but will be added to your WAX Wallet automatically at a later date. Valid until December 31, 2021.

Buy any Virtual Land on DinoRoar Alley and receive a FREE Meta Hero Project Limited Edition Dinosaur Egg!
Maximum Value $65

Visit aftermathislands.com to purchase land on Dragon Alley. Purchase can be combined with discount Promo Codes. Egg does not deliver with purchase but will be added to your WAX Wallet automatically at a later date. Valid until December 31, 2021.

Receive 20% off any Aftermath Island Metaverse plot or parcel of Virtual Land
Maximum Value $10 – $925

Visit aftermathislands.com Cannot be combined with other Promo Codes

Free Avatar to represent your identity in the Liquid Avatar digital identity app.
Maximum Value $10

Visit liquidavatarmarketplace.com The Avatar must be used in conjunction with the Liquid Avatar App please download app and register first before redeeming.

FREE R.I.G.H.T. Project screensaver / Zoom background with the purchase of any R.I.G.H.T. Project comic book at LACC Booth #1241.
Maximum Value $10

A download link will be emailed to the email registered at time of purchase.

FREE Phazer Universe screensaver / Zoom background with the purchase of any Phazer Universe comic book at LACC Booth #1241.
Maximum Value $10

A download link will be emailed to the email registered at time of purchase.

FREE Outer Space Men screensaver / Zoom background with the purchase of any Outer Space Men comic book at the LACC Booth #1241.
Maximum Value $10

A download link will be emailed to the email registered at time of purchase.

Receive 25% off Any customizable / personalized Meta Hero and a FREE Limited Edition Jim Steranko Meta Weapon!
Minimum Value $125

Purchase required.  A link and instructions will be sent to your registered email address when products become available.

Terms and Conditions:

Promo Codes are one use per customer.
Promo Codes cannot be combined.Above promotions are active from December 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021.
Purchase may be necessary for some offers, see details on coupon.
Any taxes on purchases are extra.
App download and digital account is required for Liquid Avatar Marketplace bonus.
Please see additional Terms and Conditions located on respective websites where applicable.

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About Oasis Digital Studios Limited – https://www.oasisdigitalstudios.com/

Oasis Digital Studios Limited (“Oasis”) brings together leading individuals and organizations in blockchain technology, computer graphics, augmented reality, entertainment, art, sports, gaming, music, media, comic book, memorabilia, and pop culture arenas to support the fast-paced and growing digital collectible and NFT marketplace. The Oasis business model is to create storytelling, experiential and collectible partnerships with artists, sports personalities, talent, brands, and commercial enterprises to create digital offerings and digital / physical product programs via digital collectibles and NFTs. Oasis uses multimedia, cinematics, animations, and other techniques to create unique products together with the latest Augmented Reality and virtual technologies to tell the Artist and Talent stories providing immersive experiences for Digital Collectibles and NFTs. The Oasis AR Enhanced NFT experience, powered by ImagineAR, will be available exclusively through the Liquid Avatar Mobile App, which features the ability for users to create digital icons that allow them to manage, control and create value from their biometrically verified digital identity, and is available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

About Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. – https://www.liquidavatartechnologies.com/

Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. focuses on the verification, management and monetization of Self Sovereign Identity, empowering users to control and benefit from the use of their online identity.

The Liquid Avatar Mobile App, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play is a verified Self Sovereign Identity platform that empowers users to create high quality digital icons representing their online personas. These icons allow users to manage and control their digital identity and Verifiable Access and Identity Credentials, and to use Liquid Avatars to share public and permission based private data when they want and with whom they want.

The Liquid Avatar Verifiable Credentials Ecosystem (LAVCE) has been developed to support all participants in a digital credential ecosystem, including the Holder, Issuer and Verifier, using state-of-the-art blockchain and open standards technologies initially as a node on the Indicio Network.  The Company is a voting and steering committee member of the Trust over IP Foundation, founding and steering committee member of Cardea, a Linux Foundation Public Health project, member of the Good Health Pass collaborative, DIACC, the Covid Credentials Initiative (“CCI”), The Linux Foundation and a founding member of the Lumedic Exchange.

The Company has a suite of early-stage revenue generating programs that support the Liquid Avatar Mobile App program, including KABN KASH, a cash back and reward program that has over 500 leading online merchants. In Canada, the Company also has the KABN Visa Card, a “challenger financial” platform that allows users to manage and control a range of financial services for traditional and digital currencies. The Company is currently exploring expansion of the KABN Visa Card program to other geographic regions, including the USA.

The Company’s subsidiary, Oasis Digital Studios, is a creative and development agency that supports a wide range of artists, talent, and enterprises with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketing and sales solutions.

Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. is publicly listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the symbol “LQID” (CSE:LQID).

The Company also trades in the United States, on the OTCQB under the symbol “LQAVF” and in Frankfurt under the symbol “4T51”.

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