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Anushka Jag Releases Fierce New Single “Hurricane”

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Los Angeles, CA – Pop-rock artist Anushka Jag releases her electric new single “Hurricane.” With her empowering lyrics and dynamic vocals, Anushka Jag delivers a vibrant and compelling track that serves as an anthem for women to stand in their confidence and assert their power in various situations. “Hurricane” is now available to stream on all digital music platforms worldwide.


Anushka Jag’s fiery personality shines through in “Hurricane,” her new single about a strong and independent woman sitting alone at the bar ignoring the advances of men. “With ‘Hurricane’ I was going for a badass, sassy vibe. I think the lyrics convey that. It’s humorous and at the same time empowering. The theme is about being comfortable by yourself. A girl doesn’t always need a date to have fun,” Jag explains. She combines her fierce pop-rock sound with old-world Indian elements to create a modern sound. She delivers light-hearted lyrics in this tongue-in-cheek new single expressing how important it is to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. “I write from an honest place about the things we all live through – the ups and downs of relationships, having to reinvent yourself, and picking yourself up after a betrayal,” explains Jag. “My hope is that others will feel empowered after listening to one of my songs.” Alongside Jag’s raw and authentic style comes her distinctive voice and cross-cultural influences. Jag blends her pop sound with exotic melodic Indian strains and beats to create a body of music with a global appeal. The track is written by Anushka Jag, Jennifer O’Neill (also the producer and Creative Director of the video), Kyle Kelso, and Tony C, and produced by Duddy Brown. “The writing process with Jennifer, Kyle and Toni in NYC was intense but enjoyable. Later we had Duddy reproduce the song in LA. That’s also where the upcoming video was shot, at the iconic Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. So the song has travelled from coast to coast and now we are ready to let the world hear it.”


From Mumbai, India, Anushka Jag has crafted an original style melding sounds of old-world India with modern electronic soundscapes to deliver universally accessible pop. With a master’s degree in International Relations and World Politics from The London School of Economics, Jag contributed to critical conversations on India’s leading news channel, NDTV, before turning to her true love of music. Her enriching experiences have contributed to her journey as a songwriter, and the music that flows speaks for itself. Jag’s vocal range brings Stevie Nick’s vibrant contralto to mind, with an upper register kick that will catch you off guard. With passionate vocals and lyrics, she is P!NK, Ke$ha, and Demi Lovato rolled into one fierce yet approachable personality. Jag garnered attention with the release of her original songs “Taboo,” “Dirty Work” and “Rebirth” as she went on to perform at landmark venues across Los Angeles, Singapore, London, and India.  Working with some of the music industry’s most notable songwriters and producers, Jag has created music that moves you and resonates with a global audience.


Anushka Jag’s new single “Hurricane” showcases her diverse musical and cultural influences, with bold lyrics and a unique musical style all her own. “Hurricane” is now available to stream on all digital platforms. To stay up to date with Anushka Jag’s upcoming projects, follow her on Instagram @anushkajag.


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