Antlion Audio Supports Virtual Classrooms with Special, Lowest-Ever Pricing for Teachers

Portland, Oregon — December 16, 2020 | Antlion Audio is proud to announce their latest initiative, helping teachers do what they do best: reach children. We understand that times are tough, especially for teachers funding their own classrooms. By verifying their identity, US-based educators can now purchase a ModMic Wireless for the lowest price ever, only $79.95.

As schools across the country shift to online and hybrid learning, the importance of clear communication has never been pressing. How do you teach a class when your students can’t hear you? The problem is worse when you need to move around the classroom and built-in noise cancellation starts cutting out your words.

“A teacher reached out to us and told us how our product was helping him with his hybrid classroom,” says Joe Lieberman, Director of Marketing. “The problems, and how the ModMic Wireless solved them when teaching students in person and online simultaneously, became quickly apparent. Still, the other issue we faced was how teachers could afford a tech expenditure in the middle of the year. That is why we’re working to bring the price down to such an unusual level. For us, this is not about profit, but about making sure educators have the tools for their student’s success. “

By visiting the “Teachers” page on Antlion Audio’s website, US-based educators can verify their identity within minutes to qualify for the discount and open the doors to better virtual lessons. International educators can still email us from the same page to verify their identity and receive the same deal.

Quotes from Teachers:

  • “It’s life changing … I can’t believe how much better it is.” Danna, Hybrid Elementary Teacher
  • “I feel like I have my freedom back. I’m not tied to my desk anymore and my students can actually hear me!” Chris, Virtual Only Elementary Teacher

If the cost is still too much, the cost can be lowered further with bulk orders for schools or districts.

Find out more on the Antlion Audio Blog and on the ModMic for Teachers webpage.

About Antlion Audio: Founded in 2011, Antlion Audio is the premier brand for modular microphones. Their ModMic series is one of the best-selling and highly acclaimed microphones in gaming and virtual reality. With expanding distribution in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America, Antlion aims to become a global leader in multiple sectors.