Annabelle Creation movie Review

I was able to see a screening of the film Annabelle Creation the film is part of the Conjuring series. Not know knowing where this prequel would take the story I did not have the highest expectations. But to my surprise, this film was done in a manner that tied the whole Conjuring series together.  The film is the creation story of how Annabelle came to be her origin story like most horror film it’s one of tragedy and sorrow. The loss of a child and a mother and fathers yearning to have her back. As all things, they come at a high price as the family soon comes to find out. As a way of penance to pay off their transgression, they take in a group of orphans and a young nun. Thinking it would pay their sin off oh were they oh so wrong.

Disclosure: I have attended this movie free as part of the screening team, all opinions are honest and mine.

As all children and wanting to explore their new home they were forbidden to enter one room in the house and were told the door would remain locked. As things start to unfold one of the young girls is aware of an evil presence begins to target her. I will not spoil the rest of the film but in closing, Annabelle Creation was done well in my opinion

If you are a fan of the series you will see all the tie in’s to the other and future films. They were done so well so if you’re a fan of horror and the series this is a must see. Even if this is your first film in the series you will not be lost it hold’s own.

On a side note these medallions were given out to everyone at the screening for protection against Annabelle

there was even a short trailer before the film started talking about how a catholic priest was brought in to bless the set. The priest said when you play with evil it can latch its self on. There was a scene where the priest blessed a table full of these medallions. Just a cool thing they did for the film and for the screeners.