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Anna and the Apocalypse is not your typical zombie film, to say the least. A zombie musical is what you get and before you think not my style of movie. Don’t be fooled the film is a great story of Anna getting ready to face life after high school and each one of the students. getting ready for the Christmas play the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Anna is trying to get to her father back the school she must group up with other classmates to survive. Even with the songs which were good and not like most musicals cheesy and corny these songs we well written and performed well. Did not take from the film for a nonfan of musicals Anna and the Apocalypse did it right in my book.

In every zombie film, the zombie kills are a staple and do not disappoint at all with enough blood and gore. Any horror fan would respect and enjoy it. The zombie-killing spree set to a song was a standout moment in the film. Anna and the Apocalypse are now going to be added to my Christmas movies list to watch every year for now on. The special features are great behind the scenes to look at the making of the whole film. Be sure to check out Anna and the apocalypse out now and add it to your collection.