Having already received support from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, The Music ConnectionCelebMix and won her the Best Pop Song award from the American Songwriting Awards, Anja returns with ‘House Party’ November 15th.  Blending thoughtful lyrics with pop melodies Anja creates her own unique sound and has already gained a loyal fan base that currently stands at 25,000 followers on Instagram.

When asked about ‘House Party’, Anja stated: “I wrote the song a few months ago when I was home alone and decided to have a nice evening in. I put on my favourite robe, ordered some pizza, grabbed some chocolate raisins, sat on the couch, and started looking through Netflix to figure out what was going to watch. As I was scrolling through the options and eating my chocolate raisins, a random, joke song idea popped into my head: “I don’t wanna go out, I just want to stay at home / Wear my favourite robe, tonight I I’m partying alone”. It took me a few seconds to realize that actually sounded like a legit song, so I ran to my piano and wrote the rest of what is now “House Party”.


Currently on her publicised US tour with Sofar Sounds, you can catch Anja at any of the dates below:

November 19th– Los Angeles

December 18th– San Francisco

December 19th– San Francisco

December 20th– San José


(Further venue information to be released soon)


Anja writes dreamy, ambitious and frank pop songs about modern day relationships, concepts and emotions. She has created her own brand of glittering yet gripping electro-pop that she presents to us today.



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