Animaze launches with brand new Twitch integration on November 17th

Choose how you’re seen and heard

San Francisco, November 11th, 2021—Holotech Studios is taking the company one step closer to the Metaverse with the 1.0 launch of Animaze on November 17th. As successor to the popular Vtuber software FaceRig, today’s Animaze launch brings new features and updates to the software—including full Twitch integration—and is just one more way for the developer to push the limits of Vtubing.

Animaze was first introduced to Vtubers in 2020 through Steam Early Access. Since then, more than 20 feature updates have helped finetune and redefine avatar embodiment with enhanced face tracking, expressive animation, and improved graphics, new features, avatars, props and more.

“This is an exciting launch for us. Moving from Early Access to full release, and putting a Twitch integration in place are key steps in our expansion in the Avatar Streamer space,” says CEO and Founder Dragos-Florin Stanculescu. “We can’t wait to see the wonderful, whimsical and wacky ways our fanbase will use the power and technology behind Animaze.”

The Twitch integration gives Animaze a whole new level of interactivity and entertainment to avatar streaming. This new feature allows streamers to automatically trigger avatar animations, voice effects, emotes and more based on audience interactions such as subs, follows, keywords in chat and raids.

“Whether you want to create a secret word game, reveal new avatars or outfits, we built our Twitch integration with the goal of helping all of our streamers grow their channels,” says Stanculescu. “With the Twitch integration you are only limited by your imagination!”

During its time in Early Access, the Holotech team had the opportunity to examine how Vtubers use Animaze. Based on these observations and feedback from the community, Holotech created different options for different types of users, including a free-to-use option for casual users and a premium experience for more serious users. Subscriptions start at $19.99 (yearly) and unlock a robust set of features for content creators, with the option to move up to the Pro subscription for professional users.

“We believe the three-tier subscription model will be beneficial to all kinds of users. Whether you are just using it for fun or are looking to become a full-fledged animated character on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube, Animaze will be able to cater to your needs.”

However, Holotech Studios still has plenty of exciting updates in store as the new subscription model will allow for long-term support and updates to Animaze, such as more and improved video creation tools, embodiment improvements and of course, more avatars.


Holotech Studios is an American and Romanian art and development company that aims to create unique and memorable experiences on desktop and mobile using animation and performance motion capture technology. We are best known for our software that enables anyone to stream as an expressive 3D or 2D avatar. We are proud to be a little bit of the magic behind beloved entertainers including TheOneManny, The CreepyHorseMan, and It’sPuffPuff.