ANDY KEELS new track CAROLINE is out now!

With a number of indie-rock anthems already in his repertoire, singer-songwriter Andy Keels is back with his
first release of the year in the form of “Caroline” – ushering in his debut EP 15 Years.

With a constant desire and energy to create, Andy headed to the prolific Germano Studios in New York with
Grammy winning engineer and producer, Dave Rowland (The Killers, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, John
Legend) to refine his back catalogue of sounds. Taking a gentler approach than his usual boisterous guitar
hooks, “Caroline” is soft and sweet – candidly exploring grief with refreshing intimacy.

“‘Caroline’ is a heartfelt indie/pop ballad, full of soft piano melodies and luscious string sections”, Andy
explains. “The song was inspired by a friend's young daughter battling cancer. On a broader level it’s about
love and loss in general.”

Building an accomplished reputation for himself within the industry, Keels first made his mark on the music
scene as the drummer, singer, and songwriter in pop/rock band, Twen2y4se7en. Over the years, he has also
amassed an array of live experience, touring the UK with the likes of Westlife, McFly, Blue, and Sugababes.
Already drawing support from Mystic Sons, Music Crowns, Pop Dose Magazine and This Song Is So Sick,
Andy’s debut project is a natural cumulation of his craft – an expressive and deeply personal body of work.

“Caroline” is set for release 5th March, with the EP soon to follow.