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And Your Reigning King Of Con’s Champion Is Comicpalooza

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The crowd cheered and jeered as one by one celebrities came out to the floor and waved to the audiences. They sat down at their tables and the lines start to move as fans just stare at awe at their heroes. Comicpalooza brought their A game to the world of comic cons. 

When you hear about the movie franchise of Aliens, you would think its pretty awesome and you can have numerous of conversations with people about the movie. Imagine seeing the whole cast together for the first time in years and what’s one of the hat tricks Comicpalooza provided at their con but that was the one of many that Comicpalooza brought out these few days.


My crew and I were very intrigue to meet some of the stars of Aliens franchise and they were some of the most nicest people in the world. They shook our hands and talked about trivia from the movie and of course what’s your favorite Chicago pizza place in town. We had a great conversation with Mark Rolston and he was just amazing. He had some great stories from not only his time in the movie Aliens but his other ones as well and I didn’t know he was in the TV Supernatural for a while. He was great person to see and glad got to meet him and hear what he had to say.

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We did enjoy how the con was presented with awesome vendors, artists, and of course cos-player’s that brought out our imagination to overdrive.

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We met and interviewed this up and coming artist Art of Novekai or Kai as we know her by. She has an amazing art that would light up a room and create numerous discussions with friends and family when amazed by the art. She was a great person to talk to and had some good crowds just looking at amazement at her art.

We also had the chance to talk to a good friend of ours and his name is Ming Chen. You might know him from a show on AMC called Comic Book Men. We were able to get a few questions in to Ming and actually thank him for a few years ago for picking out winners of our giveaway. He is a very enjoyable person to be around with and he does give out monster hugs when your not looking.

One of the biggest surprises from the con was meeting former WWE superstar Snitsky. I was amazed on how large he was and how he powerful he was in the drawing area. We found out he was there with Bustin for Autism and helping bringing awareness to the fans and letting fans help out in the cause. He did a great interview for us letting us know about Bustin for Autism, House of Hardcore coming to Houston in August, and his new movie 100 acres from Hell coming out soon. He was a great person to talk to and enjoyed every moment with him.

We were also honored by our dark force hero David Prowse on displaying some statues we had brought to him to sign. He like them so much, we let him display them on his table for the rest of the fans to check out and be amazed. David Prowse is a very good person and he enjoyed talking to us and to all the fans about everything and anything.

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Comicpalooza brought out the very best of the culture out on those 3 days of awesomeness. We met some great people, fantastic artists, loveable celebrities, and enjoyable fans. Comicpalooza has done what other con’s couldn’t and brought out our imaginations to the cons and brought new fresh ideas to the table where people don’t believe this is much to see now a days.

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Comicpalooza is the reigning champion of comic cons and I just can’t wait until next year and see them defend that title again.


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