An introduction to “The Balanced Blade”

Welcome Templars, welcome!
I am very happy to announce our arrival at Drop the Spotlight!

    First we want to thank Drop the Spotlight for allowing us this opportunity to spread our wings. I am Godfrey, Baron of gaming, and with my team we are here to bring you “The Balanced Blade”. To provide in depth game reviews of the utmost quality and trust, of course with a fun spin. And with that this is our pledge to you, the viewers and readers.

“We dedicate our lives and souls to the effort of bringing you, the Templars, the highest quality of unbiased written and video reviews in gaming across all platforms. Playstation, Nintendo, Microsoft, PC, the four pillars that hold up all of gaming. We will never commit treason against our viewers by accepting the bribery of a company in exchange for review bumps. We will never have biased feelings against companies for their choice in advertisement, unless of course that choice leads them to attack their fanbase directly. That is blasphemy. Truth without deceit, that is our pledge, to bring you content and reviews on games that you can trust.This is taken very seriously and you will never find our reviews deceitful in design. Not now, not ever. For balance is the way, because balance is the truth. Under fire and arrows we push forward into the fray of combat, only to emerge unscathed by the lies and deceit of the gaming industry.

Superius et Inferius! -Godfrey, Baron of gaming”


Alright enough K-fabe for now. That was a small peek behind the curtain of design we will have in our reviews. At the end of the day, these are simply our characters. A fun design that puts our own ingenuity and creativity behind our work here at DTS. We hope you will all enjoy this design as we have put a lot of thought into it. For now, our reviews will be written text on the website, however in the future we do intend to branch out into full character video reviews on youtube. We hope you will enjoy these as we put together our image and characters thoroughly.

    Now let’s talk about what matters, game reviews. Our structure is loosely based on the IGN game rating system, as this system is the best I have seen around. Simply put this is the paragraph structure we will be using to deep dive into games for our reviews.



Composition structure-


  • Introduction
  • Opening statement and history
  • Overall experience
  • Breakdown statement- deep dive
  • Story and characters
  • Multiplayer
  • Balancing
  • Length and viability
  • Mechanics
  • Bugs
  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Marketing
  • In conclusion
  • Rating


10.0 – The holy grail

9.0-9.9 – A king’s blade

8.0-8.9 – Artisanly crafted

7.0-7.9 – A fine edge

6.0-6.9 – The squires best

5.0-5.9 – A blunt instrument

4.0-4.9 – Warstained

3.0-3.9 – Waterlogged

2.0-2.9 – A fool’s folly

1.0-1.9 – plague ridden

0-0.9 – Utter blasphemy!


Godfrey’s blessing- If a game is particularly good, Godfrey’s blessing says you should consider picking it up regardless the reviews standing. This may be because of interesting groundbreaking mechanics or a new interesting IP storyline, characters or world. This blessing can be given to a game with a particularly good story or mechanics, or for any other reason it stands out against its genre as a particularly amazing game.


Our team- The Balanced Blade consists of three members.

Godfrey, Baron of gaming –  PC, Switch, xbox

Deleon, Duke of gaming – PC, ps4, Xbox

Sol, Duke of editing – PC, Switch, Editor


Our information-

Facebook- or @BalancedBlade
Twitter- or @BalancedBlade
Contact email- [email protected]

Together we will make something great together, all of us. Our friends here at Drop the Spotlight, our team at The Balanced Blade and of course, you the viewers. The readers. The Templars.

Until then, Templars remember…

Superius et Inferius!