An Exquisite Meal Film Review

An Exquisite Meal is a film by Robert Bruce Carter starring Mike Jimerson and Amrita Dhaliwal. The film is about a couple throwing a dinner party for some friends. Just this dinner is not like any dinner party.

A group of friends that seem to be let us say trying to one-up each other. The night will be filled with some very bad events no one is expecting. From some very heated conversation to some unexpected guess to some three-way action. Let’s not forget murder and betrayal and more.

Dave and Irene have some dark secrets and so do their guests. Everyone seems to know someone there but they really don’t at all. A French man shows up uninvited and really stirs the pot. Dave really is up to something in his kitchen.

Overall a this is one wild dinner party and I would have not too liked to be invited. From a couple how has some issues to a cannibal chef. A yogi who has no idea what she is doing to an odd man out blue-collar worker. Not to mention a random man showing up who is a con man.

I give this one a 7 out of 10 for one hell of a story. There is so much going on in this film that will have you guessing what’s next. A real shit show of a dinner party with a very unhinged ending that will leave you saying what just happened. The only thing was a bit of a slow burn to start but fades quickly. Be sure to check this one out and see what really takes place that this dinner party to die for.