An Expansion of Continental Proportions Explodes onto Europe’s Biggest MMORPG Metin2 This September

Free for all Players, Conquerors of Yohara Brings Forth an Entirely New Continent and Massive Amounts of Content to Gameforge’s Popular Free-to-Play Legacy MMO

KARLSRUHE, GERMANY (August 25, 2020) – Gameforge – leading Western publisher of popular multiplayer online games including AIONNosTale, OGame, SoulWorker, and TERA — and South Korean developer Webzen, proudly announce today that a brand new expansion, Conquerors of Yohara, will erupt into their legendary action massively online multiplayer role-playing game Metin2 this September. Available for free to players, Conquerors of Yohara will add an entirely new continent packed to the brim with ferocious bosses, new high-level dungeons, and a fresh, innovative conquest system. In-game events with experience boosts will be taking place from August 11 until 2 weeks following the release of the expansion to help players catch up with friends and prepare to take on the challenges of the new continent together.

Metin2 continues to be a popular and successful game – and has grown significantly over the course of this year throughout multiple territories. Webzen and Gameforge work hard to support the active player community by constantly optimizing the game and adding new content,” said Dennis Schulz, Gameforge’s Product Manager for Metin2. “But Conquerors of Yohara is the biggest update we have ever done for the game. We have been working on this for nearly two years and are thrilled to finally bring this exciting new Metin2 experience to our players!”

Expanding on the vast world of Metin2Conquerors of Yohara‘s new continent comes complete with mystifying new zones to explore, challenging quests to tackle, and deadly dungeons to conquer. Players will experience a new chapter in the legendary tale of Metin2 as they prepare to vanquish the Sung Mahi Empire, a powerful force that is gaining power in the new continent of Yohara and threatening to destroy the lands beyond its dark shores.

Only the strongest of warriors dare step foot on this dangerous continent, as terrifying monsters and the most challenging boss Metin2 has ever seen call Yohara home. Only high-level players who have already mastered the formidable Defense Wave Hydra instance, may explore several new areas and establish their foothold in the Guild lands. This new continent is the perfect opportunity for these players to learn new skills and to attain powers beyond level 120 with the new Conquest System!

Key Features Include:

  • A new chapter added to the main storyline of Metin2
  • A new continent, Yohara, with multiple zones including Kain Castle, Empire Castle, Dong Gwang Plain, the Guild zones, with more to discover
  • The new Conquest System, which allows players to increase their stats beyond the level 120 cap
  • A new gear slot and new Sung Ma empowerments
  • Exciting new monsters, deadly new bosses, and a treasure-trove of loot, ripe for the taking
  • Ferocious, new, high-level dungeons including The Gnoll Caves and Sung Mahi Tower
  • New repeatable biology quests

Limitless skills and mysterious items all help to ensure that every battle can be mastered, but only by the brave. Even outside of combat there are numerous events, such as kingdom battles, to keep players on their toes. Now, players set out to overcome the dangers of a new continent with the latest expansion, Conquerors of Yohara.

Metin2 is a free-to-play title that takes place in the perilous world of the Dragon God, where exciting battles against dangerous creatures and legendary bosses await. Published in more than 16 languages with thousands of players worldwide on the quest for adventure in the medieval Asia-inspired setting, Metin2 is one of Europe’s most popular MMORPGs.

Conquerors of Yohara will be available for free in September. Keep up to date with the latest Metin2 and Conquerors of Yohara news by visiting the official Metin2 website and liking the game on FacebookMetin2 is coming to new shores and new platforms, as the title becomes available for GeForce now!

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