Amiena Releases Zealous New Single and Video “Great Escape”

Los Angeles, CA — Rising alt-pop artist, Amiena, has released her alluring new single, “Great Escape,” the third song off of her forthcoming album, Flares & Halos. You can stream “Great Escape” on all platforms now and watch the video on YouTube.

A hip backtrack mixed with Amiena’s impassioned and controlled vocals, “Great Escape” is about a fall from grace. A power play in what could have been a love song. “Great Escape” turns what would have been a sensual love song into a stylish farewell. This, coupled with a genre-bending backtrack produced by Lars Deutsch, is the perfect marriage of sultry vocals and sway-worthy beats. With R&B influences on her new song, a compelling, nostalgic sound is delivered through inventive production. “It could have been a love song, ‘you know the scent, you know the taste’.. and now it is more of a cat and mouse tale,” Amiena elaborates.

The music video that accompanies this new single is just as alluring and mysterious as the song. Moody pink, purple and blue lighting illuminates a seductive yet enchanting cast on Amiena setting the scene for a heist story that adds a new level to the lyrics of the song. The enigmatic songstress is shown in a wedding dress at a run-down motel, suggesting she is a lady-in-waiting for a sunglasses and hat-clad man who looks anything but trustworthy. The tables are turned when Amiena swaps this wedding dress for the man’s leather jacket ensemble to pull off a heist in the last shot of the video.

Amiena is a Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist who brings all the magnetic extravagance of her city into her music. With publications such as Female Magazine, Vacancy Magazine, and Divine Magazine taking a deep interest in her tantalizing songwriting ability, Amiena is one to chase after in the pop scene. Her latest alt-pop single, “Great Escape,” off her upcoming album Flares & Halos, is about a post-relationship fallout detailing honesty and hypocrisy. “Great Escape” is available for download and streaming on all digital music platforms now, and the video may be viewed on YouTube. Visit her online by visiting or follow her on social media @AmienaMusic.