Alt R&B pop singer/songwriter Roman Rouge New EP Blood On The Scene is out now

Alt R&B pop singer and songwriter Roman Rouge new EP Blood on the Scene is out now! Blood on the Scene EP has a combination of Pop and Hip Hop mixed into a future instant classic for fans to enjoy. I know people say, “When you do something for the first time, it should be a way to see how you will do on your path to your success.” When I listened to Roman Rouge’s new EP, I knew he was not only on the right path for his music career but to a future that can change the industry. Blood on the Scene EP gives highlights of the potential that Roman Rouge has in the music scene and from this early success, it shows sky is the limit. I enjoyed listening to this EP and the songs Playing with Fire, Blood on the Scene, I Cry and of course Dance Like This.

listen here:

press info:

Roman Rouge is a R&B pop singer/songwriter from El Paso, Texas. Born with music running through his veins, the musician was exposed to the industry from a young age and never looked back. Despite various struggles which he faced throughout his childhood, including his single mother trying to make ends meet, Roman took every obstacle in his stride, ultimately building his character and making him who he is today. Through every failure came strength and eventually the hardships paid off.

The passionate and driven artist now not afraid of anything that may come his way, is ready for the next step of his journey. Inspired by personal events and poignant moments in life, the singer confides, “The message in my music overall is always relatable, something you’ve been through can and always affect the decisions you make in the future. My songs are linked to each other, I like to convey a story and be as honest and forthcoming as I can”. ¬†

Influenced by the likes of Majid Jordan and The Weeknd, Roman is following a similar path to creating music bursting with personality, whilst encouraging others to be their most authentic selves. Roman reveals, “The main theme of my music is to be aware of why you are who you are, and how you can let your past experiences define you, learn from your mistakes, move on and be better”. Roman continues to deliver audiences with his unique and fresh combination of moody and sweet tones, emphasizing the contrast between light and dark.