All Day and All Night with Forilla’s Expanison of Truth Records

The bounce from a speaker that emits bass sounds that speaks a language. The language of a beat is spoke and heard through multiple ears, viewed as a mass podium of solitude.

Forilla the San Antonio Silverback brings his house of Truth to the masses with a dose of reality mixed the heaviness of words. Forilla is the owner of Truth Records in San Antonio and has introduced San Antonio’s musical achievements that the world can’t ignore anymore.

The first artist is BROKEN GLASS KIDS and brings something unique that is not heard much in San Antonio. The range of motion, the range of excitement from the the lyrical notes and dominance of musical grace the beats come out. This group sure do have amazing talent and will one day headline tours around the country. My favorite from this group is 25 cents and reminds me of playing Grand Theft Auto with this song blaring in the background.

The next artist is Daddy D-Town and the smoothness of his music and rhymes reminds me of an era that I thought was lost.  I thought this era was lost due to the corruption of mainstream music but Daddy D-town has not only revived it but gave it a shot of juice to keep it alive and well. Don’t Cross Me and D-Town Diablo are something that groovy yet very full of power and expression that you can hinder and wonder how far can this guy go when he given a live mic. I hope they do give him a live mic cause his words can go beyond the limits and educates the masses.

Lastly, I have to point out that Forilla is an artist himself. He is not only owner of Truth Records but he can make music just like he elite out there. He already has two mixtapes out right now and they are THE KINGDOM and Fuck What You Heard which I have been listening to and fully recommend to anyone that not only loves hip hop music but music in general. He also has a his own dj which is DJ Curfew. I am astonish that his music isn’t played to the masses all around the world. This man has not only priorities right with his own company representing but is a great musician to bat and could be the leader to get San Antonio’s local underground music to the masses. The world needs music like this as the drought of despair has poisoned our ears for way to long but Forilla has the cure and let him bring to you by speaking the Truth.